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 The 8 Diagrams Pole Fighter

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markez 236

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The Master Killer and The Venoms fight side by side in this all-time old school classic! A heroic family is double-crossed and massacred on the battlefield, and only two of the seven brothers--Gordon Liu (Master Killer) and Alexander Fu Sheng (Chinatown Kid)--survive the slaughter. Alexander Fu Sheng returns home to his mother and sisters, but has been driven insane by witnessing the slaughter of his father and five of his brothers. Gordon Liu escapes to a monastery, where his bloodlust and thirst for vengeance puts him at odds with the monks. His family believes him to be dead. When the eldest surviving daughter is captured by the same villains who destroyed his family, Gordon Liu leaves the monastery to rescue her. The final battle is spectacular, as only the director of "the Master Killer" can deliver. A must-see!